Area Scan Cameras: What They Are And How They Work

Area scan cameras are a relatively new tool in the industry. Many companies that manufacture are using them to improve their product quality and speed. This article explores why they’re popular and how they work.

What is an Area Scan Camera?

Area scan cameras are digital cameras that use a scanning motion to capture images. The camera moves in a circular pattern and takes multiple photos of the surrounding area. This process allows the camera to create an image much larger than what would be possible with a conventional camera.

How do area scan cameras work?

Area scan cameras are similar to conventional cameras in that they take pictures or videos. However, instead of using a lens that focuses on one point, area scan cameras use a scanning mechanism that moves across the image sensor. This allows the camera to capture more information about an object than would be possible with a single focused shot.

One benefit of area scan cameras is their ability to detect movement. This is important for applications such as security surveillance, where it is desirable to track the activity of people or objects. Area scan cameras can also be used for environmental monitoring, such as tracking a fire’s progress or detecting changes in weather conditions.


An area scan camera is a type of camera that uses a rotating lens to survey an entire area. Compared to other types of cameras, area scan cameras can see details at a much greater range than traditional cameras. This allows them to capture images and videos from a much wider angle, which can be helpful in situations where you want to capture more information about an area without having to move around it. If you want to know more about area scan cameras, please contact SmartMoreInside.

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