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Done Power: Driving Excellence in LED Driver Manufacturing

Established in 2009, Guangdong Done Power Technology Co., Ltd. has emerged as a prominent manufacturer of high-quality, high-power LED drivers. With a strong vision, Done Power aspires to become one of the top three companies in the LED driver industry worldwide. This ambitious goal reflects the company’s commitment to excellence and its determination to shape the future of LED driver technology.

Done Power: Driving Excellence in LED Driver Manufacturing

Innovation, zeal, integrity, and dedication are values.

The principles of Done Power form the cornerstone of its business practices and corporate culture. The business views innovation as a driving force, looking for fresh opportunities and LED driver industry solutions. Done Power fights through obstacles and pursues perfection with passion. Integrity, which ensures transparency, trust, and moral behavior, is at the center of its business practices. The business is also committed to collaborating harmoniously and making a positive impact on society through its operations and products.

Mission: To create value for their customers, employees, and the community.

The goal of Done Power spans several areas. The company wants to build a platform for employee development that will give them chances for improvement, learning, and advancement. Additionally, the business is aware of its obligation to give back to society by adopting sustainable practices, advancing technology, and fostering a favorable impact on the sector.


Done Power is a leading manufacturer of high-power LED drivers, driven by a clear vision, strong values, and a comprehensive mission. With a focus on global leadership, innovation, passion, integrity, and dedication, the company is committed to driving excellence in the LED driver industry. Experience the quality and reliability of Done Power LED drivers and be a part of the journey towards a brighter and more sustainable future.

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