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Elevating Solar Cable Safety: SUNUA’s LSZH Material for TUV&UL Solar Cables

SUNUA, an experienced cable compound manufacturer, takes pride in its extensive expertise in LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) materials. Their LSZH material for TUV&UL Solar Cable is a remarkable cable material, offering a range of outstanding features that ensure optimal performance and safety. Let’s explore some of the key selling points of this exceptional cable compound.

Rigorous Testing and Compliance: Trusted Performance

SUNUA’s LSZH material undergoes rigorous testing by SGS, a renowned global testing and certification company. This ensures that the material meets the highest standards of quality and performance. By adhering to strict testing protocols, SUNUA guarantees that their LSZH material for TUV&UL Solar Cable delivers exceptional reliability and durability, making it a trusted choice for solar cable applications.

Environmental Compliance: Sustainable and RoHS Certified

SUNUA’s LSZH material is designed for superior performance and prioritizes environmental sustainability. The material is RoHS-certified, ensuring it meets stringent environmental standards and is free from hazardous substances. By choosing SUNUA’s LSZH material, manufacturers can contribute to a greener future while maintaining excellent cable performance.

Outstanding Electrical Properties: Ensuring Efficient Energy Transmission

The LSZH material SUNUA offers exhibits exceptional electrical properties, enabling efficient energy transmission in solar cables. With low electrical resistance and high insulation capabilities, this cable material minimizes power loss and ensures reliable energy transfer. SUNUA’s LSZH material is designed to maximize the efficiency of solar power systems, contributing to optimized energy generation and utilization.

Flame Retardancy and Cable-Forming Technology: Enhanced Safety and Ease of Use

Safety is a top priority regarding cable materials, and SUNUA’s LSZH material excels. It possesses excellent flame retardant properties, minimizing the risk of fire hazards. Additionally, the material is engineered for easy cable-forming, simplifying the manufacturing process and ensuring consistent and reliable cable production.


SUNUA’s LSZH material for TUV&UL Solar Cable exemplifies its dedication to providing exceptional cable materials that prioritize performance, safety, and environmental sustainability. Through rigorous testing, environmental compliance, outstanding electrical properties, flame retardancy, and cable-forming technology, SUNUA delivers a reliable and efficient solution for solar cable applications. By choosing SUNUA’s LSZH material, manufacturers can confidently enhance their solar cable installations’ performance, safety, and reliability, contributing to a sustainable and efficient solar energy future.

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