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Providing Authentic and High-Quality Light Soy Sauce – JOLION Foods

Light soy sauce, also known as”sheng chou,” stands out from regular soy sauce due to its lighter color and robust aroma. It is a versatile ingredient that can be used in various dishes, including stir-fried and cold dishes. JOLION Foods, a renowned private label sauce manufacturer, takes pride in producing authentic Chinese Light Soy Sauce. Their light soy sauce is crafted without any artificial coloring or flavor enhancers. It is made from carefully selected soybeans and wheat flour, brewed using traditional and natural methods that result in a rich soy flavor.

JOLION Foods specializes in providing the following product—-1.8L Bulk Wholesale Light Soy Sauce Jolion

1.8L Bulk Wholesale Light Soy Sauce Jolion – This high-quality light soy sauce, branded under Happy Mum, is perfect for seasoning soups, meat and fish dishes, salads, pasta, and rice. Its dark brown color and perfect aroma elevate the taste of any dish.

Features of JOLION Foods’ Light Soy Sauce

  1. Premium Quality: JOLION Foods carefully selects soybeans with first-class quality, ensuring that their sauce is free from any genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
  2. Natural Fermentation: The sauces from JOLION Foods undergo natural fermentation for six months under sunlight, following traditional methods. This process allows for the development of rich flavors and ensures a top-notch quality product.
  3. Compliant with Standards: All JOLION Foods’ light soy sauces are free of melamine, 3-MCPD, and 1,3-DCP. They conform to the standards set by the European Union (EU) and the United States (US).
  4. Crafted with Care: JOLION Foods’ light soy sauce is naturally fermented using selected high-quality soybeans. This careful crafting process guarantees a product that stands out in terms of taste and quality.


In conclusion, JOLION Foods is a leading private label sauce manufacturer specializing in the production of authentic and high-quality light soy sauce. With their commitment to traditional brewing methods and a focus on natural ingredients, JOLION Foods ensures their customers receive a rich, flavorful sauce for all their culinary endeavors. By choosing to partner with JOLION Foods, you can provide your customers with exceptional products and experience the benefits of their well-established brand.

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