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Unmatched Versatility: Techking’s All Position Tire for Commercial Vehicles

All position tires play a vital role in enhancing the performance and safety of commercial vehicles across various applications. When it comes to unmatched versatility, Techking‘s TKAM II all position tire sets new standards in performance and versatility.

Semi-Open Shoulder Design for Better Traction Capacity

Techking’s TKAM II tire features a semi-open shoulder design, enabling superior traction capacity in diverse road and weather conditions. The robust construction of the shoulder blocks allows for enhanced grip and stability, ensuring confident handling and improved vehicle control. Whether driving on wet or dry surfaces, the TKAM II tire delivers exceptional traction, making it suitable for urban roads, highways, and construction sites.

Variable Pitch Sequence Design for Noise Reduction Performance

Noise reduction is a crucial factor for driver comfort and overall driving experience.   The TKAM II tire incorporates a variable pitch sequence design that optimizes the arrangement of tread blocks, reducing noise levels and providing a quieter ride.

Arc Groove Design to Prevent Stones

Techking’s TKAM II tire is engineered with an arc groove design, which effectively prevents stone retention. The strategically placed grooves and channels on the tire’s tread surface prevent small stones from becoming trapped, reducing the risk of tire damage and enhancing overall safety.


Techking’s TKAM II all position tire is available in seven different sizes, ensuring compatibility with various vehicles and applications. Whether it’s light commercial trucks, delivery vans, or regional haulers, the TKAM II tire offers flexibility and adaptability, meeting the specific needs of different vehicle types. Believe that Techking will bring the best quality tires and services to tire suppliers.

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