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Demi: Your Reliable Lunch Box Factory for Convenient and Eco-Friendly Pack

When it comes to reliable and eco-friendly lunch box solutions, Demi Co., Ltd. stands as a reputable lunch box factory. With over 20 years of experience in researching, developing, and manufacturing super absorbent polymers (SAP) and related products, Demi has expanded its expertise to include the production of high-quality lunch boxes. With a focus on convenience, functionality, and sustainability, Demi is the trusted choice for businesses seeking lunch boxes that cater to their specific packaging needs.

Versatile Lunch Box Solutions for Different Food Packaging Needs

Demi offers a versatile range of lunch box options suitable for various food types and portions. Whether it’s for meals, snacks, or takeaway options, Demi’s lunch boxes are designed to provide convenience and functionality. With features such as leak-proof designs, compartmentalization, and microwave-safe materials, Demi’s lunch boxes ensure the freshness and integrity of the food. Moreover, businesses have the opportunity to showcase their branding and enhance the customer experience through customization options.

Sustainable Packaging Practices and Material Choices

Demi is committed to sustainable packaging practices, offering lunch boxes made from eco-friendly and biodegradable materials. With the increasing demand for environmentally conscious packaging solutions, Demi’s lunch boxes provide businesses with an opportunity to reduce their environmental impact. By choosing Demi’s lunch boxes, businesses contribute to minimizing waste and promoting a more sustainable future in the food packaging industry.

Reliable Production Capacity and Timely Delivery

In addition to their commitment to sustainability, Demi boasts a reliable production capacity and ensures timely delivery of their lunch boxes. With over 200 employees and 80 production lines, Demi has the capability to meet large-scale production requirements without compromising on quality. Businesses can rely on Demi’s efficient production processes and supply chain management to ensure that their lunch boxes are delivered on time, allowing for smooth and uninterrupted operations.


Demi Co., Ltd. has emerged as a reliable lunch box factory, providing businesses with convenient and eco-friendly packaging solutions. With their extensive experience in manufacturing super absorbent polymers and related products, Demi brings their expertise to the production of high-quality lunch boxes. By choosing Demi as their lunch box supplier, businesses can ensure the convenience, functionality, and sustainability of their packaging solutions. Demi’s commitment to customization, eco-friendly practices, reliable production capacity, and timely delivery makes them the preferred choice for businesses seeking reliable and eco-conscious lunch boxes.


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