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SmartMoreInside’s Coder Reader VS2000: An Ideal Barcode Reader Device for Industrial Sites

SmartMoreInside, a reputable barcode scanner manufacturer, has created the high-performance barcode reader device which is called Coder Reader VS2000 to cater to the demands of numerous industrial settings. The ultra-high computing power depth chip, ultra-high-speed liquid zoom lens, rapid mechanical zoom lens, and flexible light source architecture of the Coder Reader VS2000 make it the perfect choice for complex and varied scene applications in industrial environments.

What Companies Can Get from Using SmartMoreInside’s Coder Reader VS2000

A 2448*2048 global exposure image sensor, which is more than 5 times bigger than the one used previously, gives the Coder Reader VS2000 a high resolution and a broad field of vision. Additionally, it contains a function for ultra-high-speed focusing that can finish the focusing process in a matter of few samples by precisely determining the distance between the object being tested and the lens. The Coder Reader VS2000 has a wide variety of lens options, including M-mount and C-mount options, allowing it to accommodate the broadest range of on-site applications.

Among other areas, the Coder Reader VS2000 is appropriate for quality control, industrial digitization and automation, logistics, traffic monitoring, packaging, retail, medical, and the manufacturing of food and beverages. The productivity of businesses is increased, errors are decreased, and time and money are saved. The Coder Reader VS2000 can precisely and swiftly scan barcodes even in difficult conditions thanks to its high-performance features.

The Quality and Customer Satisfaction Promise of SmartMoreInside

For the benefit of their clients, SmartMoreInside is dedicated to providing top-notch barcode reader equipment. SmartMoreInside places the highest importance on quality, and to assure quality at all costs, they effectively communicate the needs and expectations of their clients to their production teams and supply chain. They are dedicated to offering top-notch products, as evidenced by their FCC, CE, and RoHS certifications.


For industrial settings, the Coder Reader VS2000 from SmartMoreInside is the best barcode reader available. The VS2000’s high-performance capabilities aid companies in increasing output, lowering error rates, and reducing costs and time spent on administrative tasks. Due to their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, SmartMoreInside has established a solid reputation as a reliable supplier of barcode reader devices. They are dedicated to developing high-quality and creative goods to satisfy their clients.

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