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Tecloman: Empowering Industries with Versatile BESS Solutions

Tecloman is a leading provider of versatile bess battery energy storage solutions that empower industries across various sectors. With their advanced technologies, Tecloman offers a range of solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of different applications.

BESS Solutions for IDC (Data Centers)

Tecloman’s BESS solutions for data centers are designed to optimize power supply and enhance efficiency. By utilizing high energy density lithium iron phosphate batteries, Tecloman ensures reliable and long-lasting energy storage for data centers. These solutions not only replace traditional lead-acid battery systems but also incorporate rapid switch technology. This enables seamless and efficient power supply without the need for real-time UPS operation, reducing data center Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). Additionally, Tecloman’s BESS solutions actively participate in power auxiliary services and peak-valley arbitrage, contributing to grid stability and demand-side response. With Tecloman, data centers can unlock the full potential of their energy resources while reducing operational costs.

Residential BESS Solution

Tecloman’s residential BESS solution is designed to stabilize power supply and alleviate stress on power distribution networks. By charging during trough periods of power consumption and discharging during peak consumption, Tecloman’s solution helps balance the load and ensures a reliable power supply for residential areas. During peak load periods, the BESS system delivers stored energy to meet the increased demand, reducing strain on the power distribution infrastructure. This results in improved power quality, reduced outages, and enhanced reliability for residential customers.


Tecloman is the trusted partner for industries seeking versatile battery energy storage solutions. With their comprehensive range of offerings for data centers and residential applications, Tecloman empowers businesses to optimize their energy utilization, reduce costs, and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. Experience the transformative power of Tecloman’s BESS solutions and unlock the full potential of your energy resources.

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