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Choosing Sungrow for Type 2 Electric Car Charger Solutions

In the rapidly evolving world of electric vehicles (EVs), the demand for reliable and efficient charging solutions has never been greater. Sungrow, a renowned leader in the renewable energy industry, is making significant strides in providing cutting-edge Type 2 electric car charger solutions. In this article, we will explore why Sungrow is a trusted choice for EV enthusiasts and businesses alike.

Sungrow’s Commitment to EV Charging

Sungrow, with its 26-year track record in the PV space, has extended its expertise to the realm of electric vehicle charging. The company’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions is evident in its Type 2 electric car charger products, including the noteworthy AC007UK-01.

AC007UK-01: A Game-Changing Charger

One of Sungrow’s standout offerings in the Type 2 electric car charger segment is the AC007UK-0This charger is designed with a focus on reliability, versatility, and user-friendliness.

Reliable and Versatile: The AC007UK-01 is compatible with standard electric vehicles, making it a versatile choice for EV owners. It features integrated 6mA DC fault current detection, ensuring safe and reliable charging sessions.

User-Friendly: With a pre-mounted 7m Type 2 charging cable, this charger offers convenience and ease of use. Its space-saving dimensions allow for wall mounting, and there’s even an option for pole mounting.

Smart and Easy Management: Sungrow’s charger can be controlled and monitored through the iEnergyCharge platform. This user-friendly system enables efficient management and access control via RFID cards.

Why Choose Sungrow for Type 2 Electric Car Charging?

Quality and Reliability: Sungrow is a trusted name in the renewable energy industry, known for its high-quality products and a proven track record of reliability.

User-Friendly Solutions: Sungrow’s Type 2 electric car chargers, like the AC007UK-01, are designed with the user in mind, offering convenience and ease of use.

Smart Technology: With monitoring and control via the iEnergyCharge platform, Sungrow’s chargers bring smart technology to your EV charging experience.


When it comes to Type 2 electric car charger solutions, Sungrow stands out as a reliable, user-friendly, and technologically advanced choice. With products like the AC007UK-01, they are making electric vehicle charging accessible and efficient, contributing to a greener future. Choose Sungrow for your EV charging needs and embrace the future of sustainable transportation.

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