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Edan’s H30 Vet: A Comprehensive and Low-Maintenance Veterinary Hematology Analyzer

Accurate and comprehensive veterinary hematology analysis is essential for diagnosing and monitoring the health of animals. Edan introduces the H30 Vet, a compact 3-part veterinary hematology analyzer, designed to enhance accuracy, and minimize maintenance requirements. With its advanced parameters and algorithms, the H30 Vet offers veterinary professionals a reliable and versatile solution for precise blood analysis.

Improved Accuracy for Every Species with Advanced Parameters and Algorithms

The H30 Vet is equipped with advanced parameters, including  With independent animal algorithms for each species, the analyzer’s accuracy is optimized, ensuring reliable results across different animal types. The adaptive threshold feature defines blood cell histograms with precision, enhancing accuracy and minimizing potential errors.

Low Maintenance Requirements for Efficient and Reliable Testing

The H30 Vet ensures efficient testing with its low maintenance requirements. With a maintenance interval of once every 200 tests, the analyzer minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity.  This feature is especially beneficial for busy veterinary practices, allowing for seamless workflow and uninterrupted analysis. By reducing maintenance needs, the H30 Vet offers convenient and reliable testing for veterinary professionals, optimizing their time and resources.


Edan’s H30 Vet, a compact 3-part veterinary hematology analyzer, is designed to enhance veterinary hematology analysis with improved accuracy, expanded species coverage, and low maintenance requirements. Embrace Edan’s H30 Vet to elevate your veterinary practice, providing comprehensive and accurate hematology analysis for optimal animal healthcare.

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