ForwardX AMRs: First Choice for Logistics Automation Upgrading

Industry 4.0 is a technological revolution. Through the Internet and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the various automated machines, equipment, and management systems in factories can communicate, making the production process more flexible and efficient. ForwardX, an advanced industrial automation solution provider that manufactures high-end warehouse automation robots, believes that Industry 4.0 benefits from developing automation technology. Robotics, such as the AMR, is integral to industrial automation upgrading.

Efficiency player: ForwardX AMRs

ForwardX’s AMRs play a significant role in the entire smart manufacturing process. As a center of efficiency improvement, AMRs are good at transportation and autonomous picking. This is made possible by ForwardX’s excellent visual recognition system embedded in their advanced AMRs.

Outstanding Benefits

AMRs enable fast and autonomous picking and transportation, making the production process more efficient. Compared to less autonomous AGV robots, ForwardX’s AMRs are based on proven vision recognition technology with powerful algorithms that enable autonomous movement and picking. Such intelligence lets AMRs have stronger practicality.

Future with ForwardX AMRs

Not only do they have a high degree of automation in self-detecting location and route planning, ForwardX’s AMRs have the body and performance to meet industrial standards. They can be used with a comprehensive dispatching and command system, enabling them to provide a one-stop automation solution. ForwardX AMRs understand the future trend of enterprise automation and are committed to improving factory efficiency in picking and transporting. Visit ForwardX’s official website for more information.

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