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Meeting Offshore Power Transmission Needs with ZTT’s HVAC Submarine Cables

ZTT is a leading fiber optic cable supplier with extensive expertise in HVAC submarine cables, catering to the offshore power transmission requirements of offshore wind farms and connections between mainland and island power systems. With a focus on both three-core and single-core types, ZTT has a remarkable average annual capacity of 500 kilometers. Since 2009, ZTT has supplied over 1,000 kilometers of HV submarine power cables, including three-core 220 kV and single-core 500 kV cables. In this article, we will delve into ZTT’s manufacturing capabilities, its state-of-the-art facilities, and its commitment to providing reliable solutions for offshore power transmission.

ZTT’s Expertise in HVAC Submarine Cable Manufacturing

ZTT possesses deep expertise in manufacturing both three-core and single-core HVAC submarine cables. With their impressive annual production capacity and a proven track record, ZTT has established itself as a reliable supplier in the industry. The company’s manufacturing capabilities include the ability to produce long continuous length cables without factory splices. This is made possible by their state-of-the-art VCV lines, vertical assembly lines with large carousels, and ample outdoor storage carousels for completed cables. ZTT’s commitment to manufacturing excellence ensures the reliability and performance of their HVAC submarine cables.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Capabilities and Risk Mitigation

ZTT’s advanced VCV lines enable the production of long continuous length HVAC submarine cables. This eliminates the need for factory splices, enhancing the reliability and durability of the cables. The vertical assembly lines, equipped with large carousels, facilitate efficient and seamless cable production. Furthermore, the strategic location of the wharf, only 80 meters away from the storage carousels, minimizes the risks associated with cable load out operations. ZTT’s state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities and risk mitigation measures ensure the safe and efficient production and transportation of HVAC submarine cables.

ZTT’s Commitment to Offshore Power Transmission

ZTT plays a crucial role in empowering offshore wind farms by providing HVAC submarine cables capable of transmitting higher power levels. These cables facilitate the efficient and reliable transmission of electricity generated by offshore wind turbines to the mainland grid. Additionally, ZTT’s HVAC submarine cables enable power transmission between mainland and island systems, ensuring a seamless and stable supply of electricity. By choosing ZTT’s HVAC submarine cables, customers can rely on reliable and efficient solutions for their offshore power transmission needs.


ZTT’s HVAC submarine cables are the ideal choice for offshore power transmission projects, offering reliable and efficient solutions for offshore wind farms and connections between mainland and island power systems. With their manufacturing expertise, advanced facilities, and commitment to quality, ZTT delivers HVAC submarine cables that meet the highest standards of performance and durability. By partnering with ZTT, customers can ensure the seamless and reliable transmission of power in offshore environments, contributing to the growth and sustainability of the offshore energy sector.

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