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OEKAN Furniture is an EVERPRETTY Furniture Group wholly-owned subsidiary. The company produces professional medical and elderly furniture enterprises. It provides customers with customized medical and elderly intelligent furniture services, relying on EVERPRETTY’s first-class research and development level and strong manufacturing capability. The company focuses on increasing the medical and senior furniture industry and building its sales, research and development, management, and after-sales teams while adhering to the company’s working philosophy of excellence, innovation, and societal service. Meet our consumers’ individual needs. At the moment, the company is establishing a nationally recognized medical furniture manufacture with professional standards and good service standards.

A one-stop shop that saves both time and lives

We provide comprehensive solutions from project consulting through design and sample to manufacturing, delivery, and after-order service.

Hassle-free Project Management, 24 Hour Online Communication, Service Professionalism, and Overall Compatibility

ODM Bid or Free Design Project, Single Space or Entire Hospital Design, Outlet Planning, 3D Model Build

After-sales Service

All trade terms and delivery methods, installation, and online inspection services are accepted.

How OEKAN contributes to a project

OEKAN Furniture sells its products in over 86 countries worldwide. Our annual export value is close to ten billion US dollars. But we provide much more than just furniture and equipment. We provide seamless, enterprise-level project services that are not available anyplace else.

  1. Project Management

You can discuss any demand for the furniture you require.

  1. Biding

We can prepare all the documentation you’ll need to compete for government or hospital contracts.

  1. Preparation

We can maximize each area’s capacity to be beautiful and functional.

  1. Design Before the actual furniture arrives, we will create a design to show you how it will look.
  2. Exemplification

For the sample, we do our best to ensure that all of the specifications stated by the client are met.

  1. Production

We apply international standards such as ISO, SGS, and FDA to meet international requirements during the manufacturing process.

  1. Shipping EXW, FOB, CIF, and DDP through the sea, air, train, truck, and express.
  2. Installation Provided: Online Installation Live Stream Training & Installation Video
  3. After-order Service Online Inspection of Goods, Online Loading Checking, and Provision of All Documents

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