Soccer – How Many Minutes Are Extra Time Rules?

How many minutes is extra time and what are the regulations for extra time in football? Watching football for a long time but you often ignore the concept of extra time as well as what the prescribed time of extra time is. Join  vnew88 to learn about the regulations and overtime time through the article below.

What is extra time in football?

Before learning about the regulation time of extra time, we need to better understand what the concept of extra time in football is.

According to the World Football Association FIFA, extra time is defined as an additional 30 minutes of playing time used in knockout rounds in professional tournaments. Extra time is used when the two teams are tied in the official match time, 90 minutes including overtime.

At that time, to decide the winner or loser, the match will last another 30 minutes. After this time, if there is still no winner or loser, the two teams will decide on the penalty spot, also known as the penalty spot.

Answer: How many minutes is extra time?

Also according to FIFA, this agency has issued regulations on extra time. Accordingly, there will be 2 extra periods in total, each extra period lasting 15 minutes. Total extra time is 30 minutes.

The special feature of extra time is that the two teams will not have a break between these two extra periods. After the whistle blew to end the first extra period, the two teams immediately switched fields and played the second extra period.

During the first 15 minutes of the first extra time, if one team scores before the other team, the extra time will end. This means that the second half will not take place. If the winner is still not decided within 30 minutes, the two teams will enter an 11m penalty shootout to find the winner.

In short, an extra time is played within 30 minutes. There are 2 extra periods and each extra period only lasts 15 minutes. The team that scores first will win.

History of extra time and regulations on how many minutes extra time is

Few people know when the football law of extra time was created. Let’s learn about the history of the extra time law in football with nhacaiuytin.dev.

According to historical documents about football, it has not yet been determined who came up with the method of playing extra time when the winner cannot be determined within 90 minutes. However, according to the famous football magazineFourFourTow, the concept of extra time in football was first mentioned in England in 1897.

History also records that the first professional football match with a 30-minute extra time period took place around 1992. A rare case occurred in the German national final between two clubs. set of Hamburg and Nurnberg when the two teams drew in 90 minutes but only played 10 minutes of extra time due to weather conditions.
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The organizers resolved the above case by postponing the match and the two teams will rematch in another match after about 2 months. From this event, ideas about a regulation on extra time were gradually formed.

The official rules and time of extra time are issued to address cases where matches go on too long and avoid rematches that can bring disadvantages or advantages to a team. Thanks to the extra time rule, tournament organizers also save on unnecessary costs of reorganizing a match.

What are the rules for the first extra period?

In the official tournament, the European Champions League champion (C1 Cup) was found. The two teams that reached the final, Real Madrid and AC Milan, had to use extra time to determine victory or defeat.

The extra time rule in the 1960 EURO tournament caused a lot of controversy among traditionalists. Accordingly, the Soviet Union faced Yugoslavia in a 90-minute draw. Thanks to extra time, the Soviet Union increased the score to 2 – 1, thereby winning the ticket to the next round.

In some cases, extra time does not apply

Depending on each tournament, there will be rules compiled to suit the football situation of the host country. Accordingly, there are a number of tournaments and competition formats that do not apply extra time after an official 90-minute draw as follows:

  • In semi-professional – non-professional tournaments, or round-robin format. When the match ends in a draw, the organizers will often decide to conduct a penalty shootout to immediately determine the winner.
  • For the round-robin format, there will be a number of secondary indicators such as goal difference, head-to-head record of the two teams, to decide if the two teams have equal scores in the final round without using extra time. .
  • For tournaments with a first-leg format, there will be an away goals rule to decide victory or loss.


The article “How many minutes is extra time and how is it regulated” has helped you answer the question of what extra time is and how long it lasts. Access New88 for more information about football. In addition, you can refer to our Betting Guide category to learn more about other ways to play!

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