Instructions for New Players on How to Play Penalty Odds Effectively

Currently, penalty bet is one of the popular forms of betting in soccer betting. However, not all new players can fully understand this type of betting. Refer to Nhacaiuytin article below to learn more!

What is a  penalty bet?

Penalty odds Also known as 11m bet, this is the final bet of a football match when the two teams are tied. This type of bet is applied to determine the winner or loser of a match. The two teams will take turns taking the 11m mark with 5 goals in the first round. If after the first round there is still no winner, each side will kick one more kick until the match result is decided.

Necessary conditions for the 11m bet to appear:

  • Has the nature of deciding victory or defeat on the 11m mark.
  • After 90 minutes of official play as well as 2 extra periods, the winner has not been found.
  • Bets will be made during the match time of the two teams.

In general, the 11m bet is a relatively dramatic and attractive bet. However, for bettors who do not have clear understanding, it will be very difficult to enter the bet. In addition, players need to have accurate judgment to win this bet.

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Popular types of  penalty bets

The following, Bookmaker Nhacaiuytin will give you some penalty bets most popular today.

Win/lose team bets

This can be considered the simplest type of bet among all types of 11m free kick bets. Players just need to bet on the team they predict can win. This type of bet is only calculated when the penalty shootout ends completely and the winning team in the match is determined.

Final score bet

This bet is considered quite difficult and the win rate is extremely low. However, many bettors still choose to participate in this type of bet because of the large winnings if the prediction is correct. To bet on the final score successfully, you must have experience in predicting soccer accurately.

Players must also accurately evaluate the strength of the players participating in the penalty shootout as well as the performance of the goalkeepers guarding the goals of the two teams.

Bet on successful penalty kicks

This is a type of bet where players bet on each shot of the players. If the player who takes that shot succeeds in that penalty, the player wins the bet. On the contrary, the player will lose the entire bet if the shot fails.

Bet on total goals

Like over/under bets in the official halftime and extra time of the match. Total goals bet is a way to bet on or under the number given by the house. Players predict and bet on more or less goals than that number.

Based on the match results, players will know whether they win or lose their bet. If you win the bet, you will receive a bonus according to the house’s regulations. If you lose, you will lose the entire bet amount.

In addition, the over/under bet is also based on the total number of penalty shots taken:

  • Instead of the total number of goals, players predict the total number of penalty shots taken by players from both sides.
  • Not every 11m penalty shoot series takes all 10 shots. Therefore, this type of bet is often chosen by many players.

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Experience in  penalty betting for new players

Although the 11m bet has a fairly pure way to play, not everyone can win it. To help new players improve their ability to accurately predict this bet. Below, Nhacaiuytin will share some betting tips penalty bet the most effective.

Analyze the capabilities of the two teams

No matter what type of bet you choose when participating in soccer betting, analyzing the performance of the two teams is very important. For penalty bet, bettors need to pay attention to the ability and technique of taking 11m free kicks. Players should learn these things carefully before the match takes place.

After fully researching and analyzing, bettors will know which players have a strong mentality and the rate of successful penalty execution based on their competition history. Therefore, you will know which team you should put money on to have the highest chance of winning.

Bet after the first shot

Players should enter the 11m bet when the first penalty kick is taken by both teams. The results of this shot often have a large impact on the psychology of the players on the field. Small teams often do not have the experience of taking penalties or are mentally unstable compared to big teams.

Choose a reasonable bet

Form of betting penalty bet There are many different ways to play. Therefore, you should choose the types of bets that are suitable for the match and master the principles of that bet. Because if you don’t understand the rules of the game and rush into betting, you can easily make wrong decisions.

Pay attention to the goalkeepers of both teams

The goalkeeper taking penalties is an important factor in deciding whether a team wins or loses in a tense penalty series. In professional football, most of the goalkeepers holding the goal are the players with the best performance who are allowed to start. However, there are still some goalkeepers who have sharp judgment and experience in catching the ball that can also be put on the field.

Therefore, players need to pay attention to the goalkeepers of the two teams before placing bets penalty bet. If these players have a successful rate of blocking free kicks on the 11m mark, there is a high possibility that this match will be an under. This is an extremely useful tip and is often used by veteran players when participating in 11m bets.

Above is the information and playing experience penalty bet has a high winning rate. Players should refer to and draw up ways to play 11m handicap for themselves. Register for a Nhacaiuytin betting account to bet on your favorite team and experience other attractive betting products at the house. Wishing bettors good luck and bringing home many great rewards when participating in betting.

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