The most accurate guide to learning to play Chinese chess in 2024 at New88

Chinese chess is a board game with a long history and is popular in many countries around the world, especially in Asian countries. Below are important notes from Trang chủ New88 when learning to play Chinese chess for you guys to refer to and play better.

Some things to know about online chess

Chess is an intellectual game loved by many people

Chinese chess, also known as Chinese chess, is a popular folk board game in many Asian countries, especially in China and countries with Chinese cultural influence such as Vietnam. It is believed that Chinese chess was created a long time ago and originated from China.

According to historians, the game of chess appeared in the Northern Zhou period (from 475 BC to 221 BC). It is considered a classic fighting game in Chinese culture, and has become an important game in Chinese folklore.

Historically, Chinese chess game has been widely popular in Vietnam and other Asian countries such as Japan, Korea and Taiwan. This game is considered a game that helps improve memory and strategic thinking.

In terms of technology, modern chess games have been developed for mobile devices and desktop computers. These games allow players to play online or single-player. The mobile chess game was developed in 1990 and today has become an indispensable part of players’ daily lives.

Why should you learn to play chess online?

Reasons you should learn to play chess online

Online Chinese chess is a form of Chinese chess played on the internet. It brings many interesting experiences to players, and below are some reasons to learn to play Chinese chess:

Interact with players all over the world

Learning to play Chinese chess allows players to connect with other players from around the world. This opens up opportunities to interact, learn and share with players from different countries, cultures and levels.

Diversity in levels and playing time

Online Chinese Chess offers many different levels from beginner to professional. Playing time is also flexible, players can choose to play quick online Chinese chess with a time limit or play Chinese chess in real time.
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Provides support features

Online Chinese chess often comes with support features such as instructions, move suggestions, training mode, move analysis and saving history of previous moves. This helps players learn to play Chinese chess and improve their skills.

Online Chinese Chess offers an online fighting feature, allowing players to battle with top players. Players can participate in tournaments, rankings or play against strong opponents to improve their chess playing skills.

Modern technology

Online Chinese chess uses modern technology, including graphics, sound and a friendly user interface. The online chess platform is also regularly updated and continuously developed to improve players’ chess playing experience.

Experience of experts learning to play chess

Learn to play Chinese chess with experts

From China, Chinese chess has spread to many other countries, including Vietnam. It later developed into a popular folk board game in the culture of many countries in Asia. Below is the best experience for learning to play chess for you.

Learn the rules of playing online Chinese chess

The rules of online chess may be different from the rules of traditional chess. Therefore, you need to carefully learn the rules of the game on the website you choose to ensure compliance with the regulations.

When you are playing Chinese chess online, focus on the game and avoid being distracted by other things. Otherwise, you may lose focus and miss important moves.

Participate in online chess game tournaments

On online chess playing websites, you can participate in chess tournaments to test your skills and compete with other opponents. These tournaments not only help you improve your chess playing skills but also help you meet other players and exchange experiences.

Respect your opponents

When playing Chinese chess online, you need to respect your opponents by not using vulgar or offensive words. Please keep the game clean and do not break the code of ethics and respect for human dignity.

Take advantage of your opponent’s waiting time

On online chess playing sites, the waiting time for opponents can be quite long. You can use this time to review past games or learn about new strategies to improve your skills.


With the development of technology, Chinese chess has also been transferred to an online version so players can participate in this game anytime, anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. Hopefully New88’s article has helped you learn to play Chinese chess properly.

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