Bookie gives away money: Super attractive offer only available at Gnet

Bookies give away money as attractive incentives OKVIP Group Exclusively for players when registering an account and experiencing betting products at the house. You can receive any super promotion with relatively simple and easy to understand participation conditions. These programs are a gratitude that the house gives to customers who have been with the house for a long time and are also a campaign to attract new players. For more detailed understanding, refer toright content.

Overview of the house giving money program OKVIP

The bookmaker gives away money as a promotion program OKVIP Exclusively for valid accounts. This is a campaign that attracts many people’s attention because it gives you huge bonuses without needing to deposit money. At the same time, this is also the way Gnet makes a strong impression on potential new players or members participating in betting at the house for the first time. Overall, the show OKVIP Giving money has many outstanding advantages:

  • Bonus betting experience: Players only need to deposit a small amount of money to verify the information used to register an account. After that, the dealer gives away free money. This helps you comfortably participate in betting without worrying too much about financial issues.
  • Opportunity to participate in many attractive games: Receiving a bonus fromOKVIP gives you the opportunity to experience new games to better understand the rules. If you lose your bet, you won’t lose anything.
  • Shows the house’s reputation: The house gives away money to help you accurately assess the house’s reputation and strong financial potential. However, you should be careful of playgrounds that give away large amounts of money but the requirements are too simple because there is a high possibility that they are scam websites.

Summary of bookmakers’ money giving programs at OKVIP

To attract new players and appreciate long-time customers,OKVIP has implemented many attractive money giving house programs. You can refer to suitable incentives to participate and receive generous rewards. Let’s take a look at some attractive promotions from this house as follows:

100% instant bonus when depositing

The first house giveaway program that you can participate in when betting at OKVIP is a 100% bonus when depositing money. The bonus amount you can receive when you deposit for the first time at the house is 50% of the deposit card value, maximum 150,000 VND, and 100% of the card value for the second deposit, maximum 200,000 VND. This offer applies when you deposit money and participate in betting on all games at the house.

Participation conditions are quite simple, just need to have a valid account at OKVIP. Next, proceed to link the owner’s phone number and bank account. However, each member account can only receive the bonus once and is guaranteed a minimum number of betting rounds as follows:

Promotion % bonus Maximum bonus Betting round required
First deposit 50% 150,000 VND Card games, slots, fish shooting: 5 rounds of betting

Sports: 15 betting rounds

Casino: 18 betting rounds

2nd deposit 100% 200,000 VND Card and slot games: 10 rounds of betting

Refund up to 1% at OKVIP

Refund up to 1% is a house giving money program that is not too far away from online bettors. This is a promotion for all membersOKVIP when participating in betting on games at the house. Regardless of whether you win or lose, with just 1 point or more, you can receive this exciting offer. Refund promotion applies every day as well as unlimited bonus amount with a receive rate of up to 1%, specifically as follows:

Vip level Sport Casino Card game Explode the jar Shoot Fish
1 0,35% 0,35% 0,35% 0,35% 0,3%
2 0,4% 0,4% 0,4% 0,4% 0,35%
3 0,45% 0,45% 0,45% 0,45% 0,4%
4 0,5% 0,5% 0,5% 0,5% 0,45%
5 – 10 0,6% 0,6% 0,6% 0,6% 0,5%
11 – 18 0,8% 0,8% 0,8% 0,8% 0,55%
19 – 20 1% 1% 1% 1% 0,6%

Refund lost bets at OKVIP

The next house bonus program that you need to refer to when betting atOKVIP is a refund of lost bets. Conditions for participating in this promotion are generally quite simple, just deposit the minimum bet amount, participate in betting and you can receive rewards. Below are some super great bet refund promotions, only available atOKVIP as follows:

  • Receive 10% rescue money every day, up to 1,000,000 VND when depositing at least 200,000 VND and losing bets at the slot lobby.
  • Refund up to 1% when betting at the casino lobby, card games, sports and jackpots.
  • Cash back offer up to 0.6% when betting at the fish shooting hall regardless of whether you win or lose the bet.

Attractive offersother in OKVIP

Besides the well-known incentives mentioned above,OKVIP Still implementing a number of other attractive house money giving programs that are extremely attractive and have great value. These are promotions on special occasions of the year with simple participation conditions and a long time limit for receiving rewards. Some great offers that players definitely should not miss are as follows:
See : Tin tức OKVIP

  • Celebrate Giap Thin Tet, welcome super cars right away: Welcome Giap Thin Tet 2024,OKVIP has launched many promotions to top up to receive super cars and many other attractive rewards for players. Promotion period takes place from 0:00 on December 26, 2023 to 23:59 on January 31, 2024.
  • Invite friends to receive bonuses immediately: The program starts from January 21, 2023 with a maximum bonus value of 200,000 VND.
  • Instant 10% deposit bonus every day: The house gives away money with a maximum bonus of 3,000,000 VND when depositing a minimum of 100,000 VND per day.
  • Break eggs to receive gold: Deposit a minimum of 1,000,000 VND to receive a maximum reward of 5,000,000 VND.

Important notes when receiving incentives from bookies giving money OKVIP

The house giving money program generally has simple participation conditions. Just be a member of OKVIP, deposit money and play the minimum number of betting rounds, you can receive instant rewards from the unit. However, during betting, please note the following:

  • Find out detailed regulations and rules for participating in receiving rewards of that incentive program.
  • Players can completely withdraw rewards from that promotion to their bank account. However, you need to go through a minimum number of betting rounds.
  • Pay attention to the promotion time so you don’t miss out on any attractive rewards programs.
  • The bookmaker has the right to stop providing any promotions at any time and has the right to refuse to award prizes to members who bet on groups, bet chains or abuse promotions for illegal purposes.

Overall, the bookmaker gives money away as a great choice for online bettors. You can receive a generous bonus for the opportunity to experience the games for free and win many big wins. However, please learn the detailed regulations and conditions for receiving rewards to ensure maximum benefits for yourself. Don’t forget to visit OKVIP and register a betting account to receive attractive rewards!

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